Solar Batteries For Future Housing Developments

One of the most popular alternative sources of power today is solar power on the Gold Coast that harnesses energy from the sun. Solar power is actually the best option in areas that enjoy unlimited sunshine throughout the year. On average, a home can get 4.2 hours of full sunlight per day. With solar panels, the energy needs can be covered easily.

Australia will soon become home to the first development outside of Europe that will be built to allow the sharing of solar power between 12 homes on a single area. In Sydney’s Kurnell, the landmark 3 and 4-bedroom houses will be completed by the middle of September. The homes will be connected through home power storage batteries. It is expected that the homes will have zero electricity bills.

According to Chris Williams, CEO and founder of Natural Solar that installed solar power and batteries in the estate, this is the first development throughout Australia that has this kind of technology. They are now considering 200 to 800 properties that can use solar batteries in the future.

Each of the 12 homes will have a 5kWp solar system and 8kwh German SonnenBatterie installed. Adoption of this technology helps the developer avoid the $250,000 fee for the upgrading of the electricity grid and infrastructure that will accommodate the new homes.

The system will connect the 12 homes to form a virtual power plant and create a sizeable generator. The new owners will be able to save at least $620,000 in energy bills for the next 2 decades. The savings per household will be $2,500 annually. The households will only pay $30 monthly management fee for the system.

Most of the homes that were priced at $1.5 million have already been bought even if construction has not been finished. People are excited at the thought of free electricity and an environmentally friendly home.

One of the most environmentally friendly solutions today is solar power on the Gold Coast which is an emission-free source of power. Using the natural and free energy harnessed from the sun will provide the home with free electricity with the rest fed back into the system for others to use.


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