Single Stream Recycling To Answer Sorting Problem

Sorting recyclables has always presented a struggle even for junk hauling Orange County but with the rise in single stream recycling, this problem might be put to rest sooner than later. Starting on March of this year, five of the refuse collection facilities of the county have been accepting recyclables under this new recycling process. The main aim is to make the process easier for the customers and also to encourage many to participate in the effort for recycling.

Last year, the county was able to recycle around 279 tons of wastes and majority of these have been collected through the collection bins that were placed all over the county. These bins are then emptied and the recyclables are sent to the Culpeper facility. The county was able to receive subsidy for some recyclables which answer to the costs of sorting through all the wastes.

Bryan David, the administrator for the Orange County, said that the sorting process adapted by recycling facilities is starting to become less sustainable which was triggered mainly by the reduction in recycling rate.

The county then was able to get a chance to change their vendors so that it will be easier for residents to recycle their wastes. The county partnered with County Waste which is a disposal service, in order for them to avail of the single stream recycling process.

Aaron Caine, the director of public works in Orange County, said that they signed the contract for $75,000 every year. The company will then be responsible for the recycling bins to be distributed to the entire county. They are also scheduled to empty these bins at least once every week. There are also collection sites available at Porter Road, Lake of the Woods and Locust Grove which they will schedule for twice weekly.

Those residents who have bulk recyclables can contact junk hauling Orange County for easier recycling along with commercial establishments that need to handle more than a household worth of recyclables every week. These continued efforts are expected to have a positive impact on the environment and aims to reduce wastes going to the landfill.


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