Significant Trends For The Packaging Industry In 2016

Gavin Ashe of Kite Packaging has shared his thoughts on packaging innovations for 2016. According to Ashe, two significant trends are emerging in the packaging industry which is driven by the ecommerce sector. The trends include Pack Volume Minimization and Pack Velocity.

Pack volume minimization means getting the smallest possible package to dispatch a product. Most of the smart players in the industry have realized that it is costing them 5 times more to ship an item than the packaging spends. Amazon is spending 13% of its turnover on distribution. In the ecommerce sector, distribution is about cubic meters and not kilos.

On the other hand, there is DX that believes the physical size of the box is very important in the cost of sortation and handling of packages in the network. However, this year, the solution is to reduce shipping volume. There are systems like Box Sizer from Linx Systems and the Wrap and Hold machine that ensures the package is of the right size without any cushioning to fill in the voids. This will be the solution to reduce transport costs.

Pack velocity means getting more packs through the packaging operation per minute. Space is very critical because real estate has become extra expensive. The cost of employing staff is also on the rise that is why profit margins are being reduced. Businesses need to be very efficient otherwise they will face tough choices. The key to profitability is speed while ensuring flexibility. A win-win situation can be realized through clever package design and simple cost effective packaging systems. There are stretch wrap machines and automated bagging systems that can be very effective to cut down costs and speed up the packaging job.

Since it is very unlikely to see changes in packaging materials, there will be significant demand for lighter papers with more recycled content and thinner caliper boards. The packaging industry will continue to develop new innovations to find the cheapest instead of the best solution.

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