Seven Very Last Minute Gifts For Those Apple Users

Christmas is the time for giving. Unluckily, it is also the time where shopping malls gets packed with crazed shoppers hoping to find last minute gifts to buy. It is the busiest time of the year, indeed.

What can be done when one has failed to get all those gifts ready for the holiday? Computer World lists these seven ideas.


One is able to give film, music, books or TV shows from Apple’s other services. This would solve the holiday gift dilemma by getting the incredible Westworld or any of the biggest selling film this year for someone.

Apple Music

One great gift would be a year’s supply of music. Apple has Apple Music Gift Cards which can be used to subscribe to a three-month ($29.97) or a 12-month ($99.99) subscription to Apple’s music streaming service, which works with all Apple devices.

A VPN account

It might not be entirely obvious, but a VPN account subscription for one year can be a boost as the online world gets less secure. What’s more, there are many service providers to choose from.

Online backup

It is always good to have many backups of those valuable data just in case things go wrong. A number of online backup services exist and offer bigger capacity for lower prices.


AppleCare has always been the go to place when things go wrong with the devices. However, it is not the top item in people’s shopping lists.

Don’t wait until a device gets to that state, and it’s already too late. Give someone this gift that could help them in the long run.


Possibly more exciting at first glance than AppleCare. If the person you are gifting loves films, consider giving them a subscription to MUBI. MUBI is a greatly curated film service provider that has a wide range of genres to choose from, ranging from cult, classic to independent film from around the world’s cinemas.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s integrated suite of tools are known worldwide for their use in the creative industry. Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and its other tools have their independent markets. If you are getting a gift for a creative user, consider getting them an Adobe Creative Cloud one-year subscription or better yet, a Graphic design training for any of these tools.


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