SEO And Inbound Marketing Working Hand In Hand To Bring In More Customers

According to HubSpot, inbound marketing can turn strangers into customers and promoters of a business. Blogs, social media and keywords must be built to attract strangers and convert them with forms, call to action and landing pages. When the visitors become leads, it becomes important for the business to keep them close through email marketing and customer relationship management.

Instead of using different marketing strategies to ensure customer retention, inbound marketing will focus on bringing customers to the business by creating and sharing content that is specifically targeted to ideal customers. On the other hand, SEO or search engine optimization is more focused on growing visibility in organic search engine results. When the right SEO strategy is used, it can drive traffic and improve the rankings of a site.

SEO and inbound marketing are two different strategies but their objective is the same – to bring customers to a business. SEO can be considered as a subset of inbound marketing because with enhanced page rankings and visibility, strangers will be encouraged to visit the site. These strangers can be converted into customers. Beyond the improvement of ranking, the website gains more opportunities to reach potential customers.

According to Mattan Danino who has a digital marketing agency that handles both SEO and inbound marketing, most SEO agencies tend to focus on ranking as the gauge of performance while inbound marketers consider SEO as a benchwarmer. Ranking is important when measuring effectiveness but it is also important to focus on sustainable traffic and nurturing traffic to generate conversion. Marketers must understand that SEO and inbound marketing goes hand in hand not SEO vs. inbound marketing.

In order to ensure that inbound marketing is SEO friendly, marketers must focus on technical SEO, content and user experience. Content must always be well written, unique and entertaining. The best must always be provided to users to achieve search traffic for the site.

Creating quality that is SEO friendly can be rather daunting. Focus on what you do best for the business and allow crewdo to take charge of your SEO, inbound marketing and content creation. Soon enough, you will watch your sales grow for the least amount of cost.


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