Sensors Event Attended By Thousands Of Professionals

Every year Sensors Expo & Conference is held annually in order to give the spotlight to sensors, systems as well as connectivity. It is considered to the largest event that celebrate such theme therefore for this year it was held in San Jose California on the last day of the previous month. According to Australia’s specialist company in event management, Catalyst Event Solutions, the conference was a huge deal because around 7,000 guests came to the event.

The 7,000 attendees who came are from 56 different countries and they joined in one event in order to learn more about the most recent innovations when it comes to sensor technologies. During the event, more than 100 industry speakers were there to share their expertise and over 300 participants are present to showcase their exhibits of state-of-the-art innovations.

Though the event is organized every year, there is something new they offered for 2018. Sensors managed to hold events on the same location. The first one is called Autonomous Vehicle Sensors Conference while the second one is Medical Sensors Design Conference. This was decided in order to expand the previous agenda of the conference and also to shed light into the importance of sensor technology all over various industries. The technology is used in wearable technologies, industrial application of internet of things and MEMS.

Through the Sensors Expo & Conference, the leading brands in the industry has come together along with the most talked about startups in the industry that have shown how sensors have endless potential and the possibilities of applications where it can be applied. Next year the Sensors Expo & Conference is going to be held at McEnery Convention Center which is located in San Jose, California. The event is going to start on the 25th of June until 27th.

For the 2018 event, many keynote speakers such as Dr. Carol Stoker who is an astrobiologist in NASA, Mark Pollefeys who is Microsoft’s director of science and Jason Shepherd who is Dell Technologies’ CTO were able to give their talks. To organize such an event, Catalyst Event Solutions admitted that it is not easy because of the magnitude but these are rewarding events for event organizers all over the world.


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