School Has Donkeys Instead Of Furniture

Educational performance can be affected by the kind of furniture that most schools have. With modern methods of teaching, it is only right for high school furniture to adapt to changes. When school furniture is not comfortable, it can result into neck and back pain that will directly impact on the learning process.

Typically, schools invest in proper furniture to breed future intellectuals. However, in one school located in Korangi, Karachi, they are breeding donkeys instead of future scholars. At the City District School Number 4 that is located in Korangi 2.5, students do not have chairs; they sit on the floor. You can find a horde of donkeys in the student’s playground.

The Korangi District Municipal Corporation is a sad victim of neglect and decay. Aside from the lack of furniture, there are no fans, windows, toilets and gates. The walls that support the classroom have cracks and may eventually crumble down. There are 750 students enrolled in the school ranging from grades 1 to 10.

Even students that have the willingness to study will not learn a thing under such circumstances. In order for students to focus on their studies, there must be proper facilities similar to those found in private schools. Parents of the students do not have the financial capability to send their children to private institutions.

Meanwhile, teachers have told The Express Tribune that they complained to the school officials. The education department of the province has set aside funds for the construction a new school building on the premises but the project is moving at snail’s speed.

Students are also requesting for basic facilities like furniture and fixtures on the classrooms so that they will not develop inferiority complex when interacting with students from private schools. They are appealing for the renovations to be expedited.

To make sure that student’s education will not suffer, it is important to provide them with proper high school furniture with improved design. The education of children must always be top priority because they are the most important assets for the future. Providingthem with the right educational facilities will inspire them to study and learn.


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