Sailing WC Weymouth And Portland In Preparation For The Rio Olympics

Competitors at the Sailing World Cup Weymouth and Portland continue to face challenging conditions. It can be said that the day is a pretty tough one for the 330 sailors that came from 43 nations vying for the Olympic medals. All of the athletes are at their peak fitness both mentally and physically. Their trip to Rio 2016 Olympic Games has already been booked and their focus now is the competition. Weymouth and Portland will provide the sailors with the last chance to test themselves before competing in the Olympics.

Preparation for the Olympics will be enhanced in Weymouth and Portland because it will allow the sailors to work on their techniques, speed and tactics. There are many good teams that are hopeful of a Rio medal and it would be good to be tested against them. Weymouth and Portland is also the final event for the German Nacra 17 sailors in order to clinch a berth for Rio 2016. If they are able to beat the national rivals and land in the Top Ten, they can claim overall leadership and a ticket to Rio Olympics.

Weymouth and Portland can be a deciding factor although the selection process has been going on for almost half a year. The pair composed of Dylan Fletcher and Alain Sign has won the first and second from other 49ers with a lead of 17 points. After the grueling selection process, the two have earned their ticket to compete in the Rio Olympics.

French Rio representatives’ Julien d’Ortoli and Noe Delpech are in fourth overall and it seems they are enjoying the competition on their competitive 30-boat fleet. The French team is ahead of other hopefuls and this provides them a confidence boost. Being in front of a large number of people at Weymouth and Portland is actually good for their spirit particularly if they win the race.

A Royal Yacht Association (RYA) course certificate through ASA Sailing Courses may not provide you the ticket to Rio 2016 Olympics but it can certainly boost your self-esteem to cruise around Europe. With a little more practice and experience and you will progress to the next level.


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