Safest Option To Control Fleas And Bedbugs In The Home

Did you discover a bedbug or flea bite when you woke up this morning? It is very likely that there are bedbugs and fleas in the home. Insecticides can kill bedbugs but a better option is calling exterminators now to determine whether there is an infestation. They will carefully analyze the situation and create an action plan to deal with the problem.

Both bedbugs and fleas can leave multiple bites that are itchy and irritating. Fleas are common on pets like cats and dogs that have not received preventive flea treatment. Fleas can be found around the neck and belly areas. Bedbugs are common in environments like hotels and nursing homes. They reside in beds where it is easy to access the blood of humans.

Unlike fleas that transmit diseases like flea-borne virus, bedbugs do not spread diseases. However, bedbug bites may results into intense reactions among individuals with allergies. Although bedbugs and fleas are not considered as dangerous pests, their presence in a home or business can be very inconvenient.

The bite from a bedbug is different from that of a flea. A fleabite is usually in the form of a small bump that is very itchy. The bedbug bite appears as small red spots that may or may not itch. The bite of a flea can develop into small blisters which must not be scratched to avoid infection. The bite of a bed bug can develop into a hard white swelling that can bleed.

A fleabite is grouped into clusters or lines while the bedbug bite is in a straight line with 3 or 4 bites. Fleas will bite you whenever they have an opportunity while bedbugs usually feed every 3 days at nighttime. People who have bedbugs inside their homes will notice a regular pattern of bites. However, there are also other pests like mosquitoes that live indoors.

If you notice signs that fleas, bedbugs and other disease-carrying insects are inside the home, call the exterminators now for immediate action. Bedbug and flea bites rarely require treatment but they are very itchy and uncomfortable and cause infections. The exterminator will determine the appropriate treatment for the home to make sure it is pest-free.



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