Russian Arrivals Sparked More Use Of Meeting Rooms In Phuket

When you want to determine whether a country’s tourism industry is booming or not, you can simply look at the number of tourists, specifically foreign ones, who are vising the country’s various, proudly-owned tourist destinations on a monthly basis. If your country’s tourism industry is able to lure a high number of international visitors and the services that they are paying for in those tourist spots which they are visiting are making them come back on multiple occasions, then your tourism officials are doing their respective homework. In addition to this, the success of your country’s tourism industry can also be attributed to the presence of sturdy and safe infrastructures such as airports, highways and bridges which these said vacationists can use when traveling to a certain tourist destination whether it’s a beach resort in Bali in Indonesia, or a 5-star luxury hotel siting at the very heart of the city of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Most importantly, the success of a tourism industry in any given country depends on the quality of services and the amenities which guests can avail especially with regards to having the appropriate meeting rooms in Phuket which are professionally-equipped with the tools and equipment that are very much useful when you need a private space to host your office meeting or conference outside of your usual working environment which can also be boring at times.

Last August of 2016, the tourism authorities in Phuket had announced that they had observed a rise in the number of tourist arrivals in the island during the entire month of August of the same year. In fact, majority of the tourists who visited the island were Russians. According to verified statistics, there were almost 60,000 Russian tourists who visited Phuket in that short span of time alone which was a 42% increase compared to the numbers that were generated during the same month back in 2015. In addition to this, there were almost 652,000 Russians who arrived in the island during the first 8 months of 2016. There were various aspects which can be attributed to the significant growth of the Russian arrivals in Phuket and among those aspects was that they were instantly attracted by the affordable prices of accommodations and also the rental fees for meeting rooms in Phuket.


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