Rivah Signs With Brisbane-Based Inertia Music

Music is a big part of our everyday lives that even staff of pest control in Brisbane make it a point to listen to one to energize their day at work. In the latest music news in Brisbane, Rivah just released her very own album called EP which is self-titled. The pop act is gaining popularity that Inertia Music decided to sign her on.

Inertia Music made the announcement at the same time that the new single by Rivah, entitled Worry Bout It, was launched together with its music video.

Rivah, in a statement, said that writing her album was one of the most extreme times of her life not just metaphorically but also physically. She wandered in places for a period of three years while uncovering her true potential. She went to different places including New Zealand, New York City, Melbourne, northern coast of New South Wales, Los Angeles and Brisbane which is her hometown.

She admitted that she was able to step out of her box and open her eyes to new things and experiences. She was able to realize the things that matters for her and those that don’t. She also had the courage to try things that have been in her bucket list for a long time but never got the opportunity before because there was never enough time.

She confessed as a conclusion that she regards honesty to be a special skill because the heart can be very deceiving compared to any other but once it was given the chance to reveal its true intention it was a liberating moment for her.

Through her new album, she was able to collaborate with producers the like of Jesse Porches, Pip Norman, JP Fung and Eric J.

Rivah is considered to be an artist that belongs to the new pop wave similar to SZA and MO. For her bookings, she partnered with Niche. She was also included as a finalist in a few awards such as the Queensland Music Awards, 2019 Billy Thorpe Scholarship, and Nashville’s Unsigned Only, 2018 Carol Lloyd Award, the International Songwriting Competition, 2017 Grant McLennan Fellowship and New York’s Independent Music Awards. Her new album will be listened to by individuals and businesses such as pest control in Brisbane as the new pop wave hits her hometown.


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