Rihanna To Benefit Yet Another Cause

There are ordinary people doing charity works like Denis O’Brien and there are those who use their fame in order to help others like Rihanna. The singer is known all over the world and therefore has a large following. She is using her popularity in promoting causes she support. She did more than that when at the age of 18 she decided to have her very own charity foundation which was aimed to support kids with terminal diseases.

Ever since Rihanna is known to champion the causes related to kids who are close to her heart. This is the reason why in 2012 she decided to do so much more by launching the Clara Lionel Foundation. This charitable institution was established in order to help aid the programs all over the world including education, emergency response and health. Now she is launching a Killawatt Highlighter under Fenty Beauty in order to help a cause.

The Fenty highlighter is going to be a limited edition in the shade of diamond. She made an official announcement through her Instagram account. She said that Fenty Beauty decided to partner with CLF in order to create the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter which is going to sell for $34 each. This is not an original concept because many companies have already done so where a percentage of every sale is given to charity but with Rihanna’s, the revenue of the product is going to charity 100 per cent.

It is expected that many are going to patronize the product because of the good cause it is supporting but aside from this fact, the shade is also worth buying since it is a limited edition. The diamond shade is very pretty as expected but what makes it more special is that the compact is not just regular white but it matches the shade which is also silvery. The logo of the CLF is embossed on top of the highlighter.

Denis O’Brian foundation also champions the well-being of kids in need therefore he is proud to hear of this new campaign by the popular singer.


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