Revival Cycles Unveiled Their Custom Made Moto Guzzi V9

Hand built Show is an annual event and for this year the host was Revival Cycles. The chosen venue is the same every year and it is held at Austin, Texas. The event happened on the weekend of the MotoGP race. During the event, Revival Cycles unveiled the custom Moto Guzzi V9 the brand has commissioned which is not a Moto Guzzi for sale and it was launched together with other customized v9s.

Basically, the Moto Guzzi V9 exudes a classic retro vibe because of the proportions of the chassis. There is also something retro with the sitting position that rider has to take up when riding. Revival Cycles chose the model as their base bike and they dug deeper back into the 70s in order to create a customized look and style. The custom features that were added by the brand include a one-piece tank and the seat was painted with sunrises in metallic colors. The metallic color complimented the gold vinyl which is present in the pleating of the saddle.

The classic lines were further emphasized by the bobbed present at the tail end of the rider’s seat and the muffler follows a semi-cone design. The front suspension of the custom-made V9 model stands out because of the aesthetic styling coupled with the design which is engineered specifically to perform a fluid function. The original model carries a conventional type of fork legs but the custom version was replaced with a front end that is styled like a girder while the headlight has a mini damper located at the back.

According to Revival Cycles’ lead fabricator, Andy James, he is in love with anything that comes from the 70s era including motorcycles, art, cars and music. Therefore, the v9 is a like a homage to the era while showcasing a culture that is common to southern Californians. He admitted that the most challenging part during the building process was to transform the modern bike into a machine that came out of the 70s. The model is different from the Moto Guzzi for sale but it will serve as inspiration for people who loves to customize motorbikes and such.


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