Retailers In South Korea Trying To Attract Chinese Tourists

The holiday for the Lunar New Year is coming up before this month ends and retailers in South Korea have been trying their best to attract more tourists from China to visit the country. They are giving emphasis on private tours and not the usual group tours that are commonly offered to tourists. This is according to a statement coming from a source in the industry.

The Lunar New Year is considered as the biggest holiday season for Chinese culture and therefore South Korea is expecting around 140,000 Chinese visitors to come and visit the country during this time. A representative from the Korea Tourism Organization said that the figure is higher by 4.5 per cent in comparison to last year.

South Korea together with airlines from China has recently requested the Chinese government to approve a request they have made with regards to charter flights. This way they will be able to fly Chinese tourists that are visiting South Korea for the holiday. The approval was not granted because of the fact that the number of Chinese tourists that are visiting the country have increased and this is because of the cheap tour packages that they are offering.

Based on a statistics released by KTO, there has been an effect on the number of visiting Chinese tourists because of the attempt of the Beijing government to limit the number of tour packages going to South Korea that they know are low quality. The low-cost packages are now receiving 35 per cent less visitors than before.

In a statement by the Lotte Department Store, they have already conducted a few measures such as providing an immediate system for the tax refund of the foreign tourists. They are also giving foreigners a tour programs wherein they have a chance to ride the rickshaw while donning the popularly recognized traditional costume of Korea which is the hanbok.

An official from Lotte said that anyone with brochure from the Lotte Department Store will be given a traffic card worth 10,000 won as long as they have purchased it in any outlet located inside the Incheon International Airport. If you are in the United States and planning to celebrate the Lunar New Year, consider booking a South America Tour.


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