Researchers Develop Biocompatible Nickel Titanium Alloy For Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Reading is not only for cosmetic reasons but health improvement. It is very challenging for a person to chew different types of food when some teeth are missing. An implant made from titanium is placed on the jaw bone and allowed to heal before a crown that looks like natural teeth is placed.

Meanwhile, 2 researchers from UniversitiTeknologi Mara (UiTM) have developed biocompatible nickel titanium (NiTi) alloy as an alternative for dental implants. According to the New Strait Times, when alternative NiTi alloy is used in dental implants, the treatment becomes cheaper, more effective and easier to install.

According to Dr. Muhammad Hussain Ismail, one of the researchers, the elements of NiTi have similar properties to those found in human bone. Dr. Rohana Ahmad, another researcher said that they are hoping that new implant material can be used in producing smaller implants in areas of the jaw that has bone deficiency like the back of the upper jaw.

During the development of the material, the team conducted a biocompatibility study to identify any negative effects or biological risks to organic tissues because of the introduction of new material. The study was conducted at the UiTM, UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Sirim QAS International and a clinical research organization in India.

The first prototypes were manufactured using powder metallurgy method that lowers the production cost by 60%. One of the important aspects of powder metallurgy is particle size. When the team tried to replicate the formula, the results achieved did not satisfy the team’s expectations.

The team used metal injection mounded in Sirim Penang, Malaysia for more than one hundred prototypes and undertook further clinical studies. After modifications to the powder size, and binder characteristics to improve flow and pore distribution, the 2nd prototype was tested in an animal study.

The highest success rates of any implanted device are achieved through dental implants in Reading because the procedure does not affect healthy teeth. Bone loss is reduced by transmitting chewing forces to the jawbone. Although the process of dental implants takes 4 to 8 months involving multiple stages, it well worth the wait.


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