Relocation Company Chasen Holdings To Expand Cross-Border Services

Chasen Holdings, a logistics specialist, is working on expanding its relocation business in the United States, China, and Malaysia.



It has already started the construction of a 110,000 square foot facility in Anhui, China that would serve as a warehouse for its services. It is projected to be done by the second half of 2018. Its third-party logistics business is also currently being set up in the country to provide service cross-border. They are only currently working with local companies, but once the cross-border third party logistic business is in place, international companies can also be catered to.


More Cross-Border Projects

Aside from the United States, China, and Malaysia, Chosen holdings also plans to build a transport hub at the border between Thailand and Malaysia. This would make relocation in Thailand and Malaysia even easier, as trucks could have access to docking services, and is also available for land freight companies in Thailand. The group is building another one at Laos to capture traffic at the Indo-China border.


How It Works

Instead of having their own fleet and workers, Chosen Holdings offer their relocation services by outsourcing the logistics work to third-party companies. For example, a company that needs relocation in Thailand can get their services, but another company in the area would provide the actual labour and manpower, as outsourced work from Chasen Holdings. This makes logistics easier because third party companies in particular areas can get to the clients faster and more easily. This also provides work to local companies and employees. Aside from that, clients from different parts of the world could receive their service although Chasen Holdings isn’t physically at their location.


Relocation in Thailand, United States, China, and Malaysia has been going on for some years as career and business opportunities grow in different parts of the world, and investments come in from various countries as well.


Thailand, for example, is home to beautiful beaches, attracting property developers to acquire land and develop properties into hotels and other amenities for tourists. Similarly, some choose to relocate and migrate to open their own businesses in the country after seeing its beautiful nature and experiencing its culture.


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