Reasons Why SMEs Do Better With Digital Marketing Than Big Brands

Small businesses don’t have a lot of things that big-name businesses enjoy, but they do have advantages. When it comes to digital marketing, their smaller scale means they’re also got a better scope of things.

Here are a few reasons as to why SMEs do digital marketing better.

Big budgets means big ad sprays

Big businesses have more money to spend on digital marketing, more than what they know what to actually do with, which is why they turn to media agencies.

Thing is, media agencies prefer lots of cheap ads as it maximizes their profits, which is why most of these big business ad budgets go to programmatic ads, which isn’t always one-to-one targeting at-scale, as bots can pretend to be any target audience, which brings things back to where things were.

Fraud detection isn’t perfect either, as bots can just find ways to circumvent that. As a result, those big campaigns tend to have a lot of holes, which the big businesses can write off.

Smaller numbers, better focus

Their smaller digital marketing budgets that small-and-medium-sized enterprises have to be way pickier with their ad spending; small-scale business owners tend to have their ear to the ground regarding sales and business outcomes as part of that.

Out of necessity, SMEs have to look for opportunities and milk as much as they can from their digital marketing campaigns. They simply can’t afford to waste any of their digital marketing budgets, so they have to be smart if they want a good king kong agency review, and profitable CPMs.


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