Raleigh Wins International Web Design Awards

The CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) is a celebration of the best web design across the world, with sites like https://www.cloudcartel.com.au/web-design/ looking to win awards from the organization. The CSSDA is an international web design and development platform, with an awarding committee that looks at the web designs of companies across the world to put the spotlight on those that innovate and push the limits on UI and UX development.

One company, UK’s Raleigh Bicycle Company, managed to come home with three awards for its web design; Best User Experience Design, Best Interface Design and Best Interface Innovation .CSS Design acknowledged the British bicycle company‘s Motus website page, for what the committee describes as ‘easy accessibility’ and ‘well-designed website platform’.

According to the brand, their aim when designing and building their new Motus site was to change and revolutionize how e-bikes were sold. The new page was designed to increase ease of access for customers to view models, as well as to schedule test rides, which Raleigh has stated is a very influential tool in customers’ purchasing decision process.

A statement from the company says that the new design allowed for potential customers to find a model and a store with total ease, supporting independent bike shops as well as connecting people to branches and point of purchases. They add, that the new UI and UX, more importantly, simplified the usually purchase process by giving customers a simple, user-friendly description of products, which helps deal with a problem they say the biking industry has; a lack of product education.

E-Commerce Manager for Raleigh, Elliott Kirk, international recognition from the CCSDA is something any website like https://www.cloudcartel.com.au/web-design/ works for, and is a huge achievement for their digital team and the business itself. He says that the customer journey, both online and off, has been a major focus for Raleigh in 2018, and they are happy that their work has not gone unnoticed.

He says that it’s important for them as a business to always remember that buying an e-bike can be very complex for customers, and, as a result, it’s Raleigh’s aim to make sure that this process is as simple as possible, using education and connecting people to their local shops, where the human touch still reigns supreme.


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