Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Logistics To Third Party Logistics Providers

Logistics is an important function that determines the profitability of a business. Most of the businesses prefer to outsource the logistics to experienced 3PL providers as it involves careful planning and staying abreast with the fluctuating regulations and laws. Outsourcing logistics to 3PL companies provides companies with cost effective and reliable logistics solutions.

Logistics companies have expertise in an industry product, region or particular mode of transport. Businesses should select 3PL companies like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, which have wide expertise across different industries and has wide transportation and warehousing networks with partners across Europe.

Pros of outsourcing logistics

  • 3PL companies offer expert solutions in different aspects of logistics. They have qualified and experienced teams to take care of the shipping, transportation and warehousing requirements of the clients.
  • Outsourcing logistics helps the businesses to expand internationally. Reputed 3PL companies like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, have partners across Europe, who are market leaders in their region. These partners are aware of the local regulations and changing laws. They have all the systems in place to work as per the regulations of the region. They can efficiently take care of different tasks like documentation, customs and auditing required for international shipments.
  • Outsourcing to 3PL providers will prove to be economical to companies. Constructing and maintaining warehouses and hiring transport providers required huge cash flows. On the hand a 3PL company has economies of scale and provides cost effective solutions to the clients.

Cons of outsourcing logistics

  • If the businesses are not careful while selecting the logistics provider, it may lead to delays in deliveries. Since the logistics provider is not answerable to the customers, the credibility and reputation of the manufacturer will be at risk.
  • Outsourcing logistics to third party providers involves costs. These companies charge upfront fees to integrate software and provide other value added services.
  • It is difficult to track the shipments if the logistics firm includes a lots of partners.

The advantages of outsourcing outweigh the disadvantages. However, businesses should be careful while choosing the 3PL company. They should outsource to a reputed and professional company with a proven track record, like Tecdis Network – European specialist Logistics, which has huge expertise and provides reliable and cost effective services to the clients. Choosing the right company can help the business to avoid the disadvantages and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.


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