Prince Louis Looks Adorable While Sucking His Thumb

Orthodontists usually recommend orthodontic expander to create more space in a child’s mouth and allow teeth to grow straighter and more comfortably. The expander can widen the upper jaw that is deficient to accommodate larger permanent teeth. It is important to use the appliance once it has been detected that the child has crossbite or severe overcrowding of the upper teeth.

Prince Louis is one of the royal babies that people all over the world adore. The cherub-faced toddler takes comfort from thumb sucking but his devoted mom; the Duchess of Cambridge stopped the tot from sucking his thumb during the christening of Prince Archie. Everyone sighed a collective “aww” because the little prince looks so adorable while sucking his thumb.

It looks so innocent and sweet but thumb sucking may cause Prince Louis certain problems with his teeth later in life. According to Doctor John Brabant from Evolve Orthodontics – Invisalign Center, thumb sucking is normal among children but it should not go beyond 4 to 5 years of age because it can cause problems.

Until this point, parents must discourage their children from thumb sucking. However, parents must avoid nagging and embarrassing their child because these are destructive experiences that may result to strained relationships. The psychological health of a child is as important as his dental health. Children suck their thumb to self-soothe and it is impossible for them to stop the habit until they are told to do so.

Thumb sucking causes dental problems that depend on severity, intensity and frequency. If thumb sucking persists until the time when permanent teeth erupts, it can push the upper teeth forward and the lower teeth backward to create an open bite where front and lower teeth do not connect. If thumb sucking is vigorous, changes in the upper palate and jaw may result and will require orthodontic treatment to reverse the negative effects.

When used at an early age, the effectiveness of orthodontic expander increases and the results are more stable. The age limits for palatal expanders vary but timely referral to the orthodontist is suggested. Most early teeth problems are rarely detected by parents but a visit to the orthodontist will identify whatever issues must be treated early.


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