Prince Charles Compares The Planet Earth To A Sick Man Due To Climate Change

The Prince of Wales has compared the world to a sick planet and unless it placed on a road to recovery, it could face its “death certificate” in the hands of climate change.

Speaking to a group of health experts at the Royal Society of London, the Prince of Wales said that people can only pray so that the sick planet Earth can be placed on the road to recovery and in the process bring gains to human beings. He also said that failure to write a prescription will leave people contemplating its death certificate. It is his fervent hope that a means can be found to make a difference that the world so desperately needs.

These were the words that Prince Charles spoke while meeting with health professionals, health ministers and senior civil servants – to put health at the center of the climate change debate. Since the problem of climate change is human-induced, it is challenge of enormous complexity. The fact that there is climate change is being accepted by every major scientific body in the world. According to Prince Charles
“The gravity and immediacy of the threat it poses to us and our children and grandchildren is also accepted by constituencies that can scarcely be accused of being part of come half-baked conspiracy dreamt up by extreme environmentalists’ intent on undermining capitalism.”

The constituencies include the United Nations, the World Bank, Pentagon and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense as well as the CIA and NSA including nurses and doctors. Whatever actions that are good for the planet are also good to human health. A more active approach to transport by walking and cycling and eating healthy diets to reduce carbon emissions and at the same time avoid the risks of obesity, heart disease, cancer and many more can save lives and money.

Reductions in air pollution will also result into separate and additional benefits to human health. A healthy planet and healthy people are two sides of the same coin. These words of Prince Charles are very powerful and it is also the wish of people so that the debate on climate change will be swayed by gains on human health.


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