Prepare Your Home For Visiting Pets This Holiday

This coming holiday, you might be inviting guests over and some of them might want to know if they can bring their pets along because no one is available to watch over them since it is the holidays after all. As a gracious gift, you give them the permission to bring along their four-legged friends. What’s the next step for you? Pet-proof your home and prepare yourself especially if you do not have pets of your own. After this experience, you might find yourself browsing through community classifieds L.A. for a pet of your own.

Don’t worry about preparing food for your four-legged visitors but keep in mind that they might wander around the house especially the kitchen. It is inevitable that some of them might try to take a taste of what’s on the counter. According to a professional dog trainer, Liz Claflin, there are foods that can be dangerous when eaten by pets. It is best to be cautious about leaving food out in the counter after a meal because there are pets that love to jump over counters and tables just to get a taste of the buffet. Remember that there are foods that dogs and cats should not have including grapes, currants, chocolate, raisins, cooked bones, leftover fatty meats, alcohol and xylitol in candies and gums.

If there are food on the counter or if you are cooking, make sure to have pet gates to prevent them from entering the kitchen or assign a specific room in the house where they can roam around without getting out.

If you have houseplants, remember that some of them can be dangerous and even toxic to pets. Claflin said that these houseplants should be kept during the gathering – amaryllis, English ivy, mistletoe, Jerusalem cherry and lilies. There less hazardous options you can display during the party such as Christmas cactus, poinsettia, cyclamen and English holly. If there are signs that a pet has contacted a poisonous plant, it is best to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible.

After the holiday gathering is over and you find yourself in love with pets, you can have your own by checking out community classifieds L.A. or you can adopt at a local shelter.


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