Preparation Tips For Carpet Cleaning In Perth

If you have decided to hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Perth, you would still need to do some preparations to make the carpet cleaning faster and effective. To prepare your carpet and the entire area, here are some tips.

  • Provide an easy access for professional cleaners into your house. Your garage is a good option for easy entry to your house so consider keeping the driveway free and your garage. As an alternate, park your car outside of your garage, perhaps on the road while the professional cleaners are working.
  • Allow the carpet cleaners to do their job by providing space for them. Remove items that could hinder their cleaning activity such as magazine racks, indoor plants, children’s toys, small furniture and appliances, small tables and other movable items. Move these items to an area where there is not carpet that needs cleaning or you can move the items to your basement while the professionals for carpet cleaning in Perth are working.
  • Find out if the carpet cleaners would require additional fee in moving and lifting furniture that are heavy. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the carpet cleaners before you allow them to start with their work. Better yet, clarify some area that you may find hazy from the carpet cleaning company before you schedule for a job. Some carpet cleaners would refuse to move heavy items if they are not specified in the contact.
  • For valuables and breakable items such as frames, mirrors, large vases, chinaware and other collectible items, move them away to a safe area in the house where carpet cleaners would not work. This would make the job faster and easier and if the job is charged on an hourly basis, you can save more by helping with the preparation in the area.
  • Pets should be placed in a cage or in a different room to prevent them from getting stressed. Pets can be frisky and may interrupt carpet cleaning in Perth. Inform the carpet cleaners on areas that need more attention.


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