Pop Art Along The Walls Of Methodist College

Some Pop Art Peoria billboards have a limited life of one year but it was extended indefinitely at Methodist College. Six billboards that have been printed on vinyl from the first two years of initiative have been repurposed to hang on the long gray walls of the college. The project was the idea of Kip Strasma, the dean of arts and sciences because he wanted to showcase the artwork of pop artists.

ArtPop is a long-year event where the artworks of pop artists were displayed on billboards around town. ArtPop which was on its 3rd year was the initiative of Arts Partners and Adams Outdoor. After the event, the organizers did not know what they should do with the materials. The organizers finally found a solution through an agreement with Strasma. For a donation to Arts Partners, the billboards found anew home at the college.

Several private individuals have made donations to acquire the vinyl Pop Art billboards so that instead of being kept in storage, they can be viewed and appreciated by people. It gave a valuable opportunity for the artists to spotlight their work.

When Strasma received the first vinyl, he unrolled it on the warehouse floor of the college and wondered how he can use it as wall art. The Methodist College had long walls but they were not really long enough to accommodate the billboards. Strasma had the idea to alter the vinyl pop art works so that they can be hung on the walls.

Zuercher, who is an expert in billboard installation, helped Strasma in formulating a plan. They decided to do two 8’ x 8’ panels and two 8’ x 6’ panels from each of the billboards. They fabricated frames and stretched the vinyl around them. Cropping the images became a problem but they made sure that the spirit of art was retained.

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