Places To Experience The Nightlife In Rayong

Rayong is a laid back and quiet beach vacation destination in Thailand. The city is popular among the local Thai families and students, who frequent the place for blissful beach vacation away from the tourist chaos. The city is famous for its fruit farms and sea food.

Though Rayong does not have a pulsating and enviable night life like Bangkok and Pattaya, it has some decent bars and pubs to enjoy night out with friends. Tourists can also spend the night at the rooftop bar in Rayong on the top floor of the first and best international hotel in the city. The rooftop bar and grill serves premium alcoholic beverages and dinner.

Ban Phe is a small fishing village near Rayong. Tourists can visit the village to enjoy local Thai beer and whiskey. The bars and pubs in Ban Phe are safe and affordable. The local bars in Ban Phe are the best places to grab a drink and socialize with the locals.

Koh Samet is the best place in Rayong to enjoy the night life of the city. The region has a number of bars, pubs, night clubs, go-go bars and karaoke bars. There are a number of options for tourists willing to explore the nightlife on this island. Guests can also enjoy live music bands and DJs at some of the night clubs and pubs in Koh Samet. Guests unwilling to travel to the Koh Samet island can get a glimpse of the attractive nightlife of the city by visiting the rooftop bar in Rayong, which also serves dinner and desserts. The bar provides stunning views of the city and the gulf of Thailand.

For tourists travelling families and unwilling to venture out to experience the nightlife, the rooftop bar in Rayong at the top floor of a popular hotel is the best place to relax and unwind. They can stay at the kid friendly hotel and enjoy the nightlife of the city at the rooftop bar and grill that serves mouth-watering menus and unique cocktails. The hotel also offers special promotion packages for its guests. The rooftop bar and grill in the hotel is the best place to enjoy the food while taking in the unrestricted views of the gulf of Thailand and the city skyline.


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