Picking The Exterior Paint Colour For Your Home

Despite the fact that you don’t see the exterior painting of your home, you still have to pick the colour that you want. Your neighbours will be the one seeing the paint and they might like it or not. They might not appreciate it if you have weatherboards painted with bright yellow because the paint inside of their house might not be the same colour as it used to.

There are a number of houses that eventually become popular and considered iconic. Take for example the Pink House which is located at Mission Bay, Auckland. The house is now far from pink and turned to dirty white and it is not as iconic as it used to be. The locals are still longing for that pink coloured exterior.

At the beginning of 2016, Caleb Harcus who is from Nelson decided that he wanted to change the painting of his beachfront back and chose bright red in order for his house to stand out from the rest. During that time, he shared that he considered his house very plan and resembles a bungalow from the 1940s. The sky is already a bright blue as well as the ocean, the bushes are green and when he came to the decision to choose between lemony yellow and red, he obviously did not want the former.

He has a choice to pick out neutral colours but he will only add up to the number of houses that have different shades of mud for their exterior. We cannot deny the fact that neutral is a safe choice and this is why most homeowners choose this. That does not mean it will work out the same way for your home.

According to Heather Thorley who is a colour consultant working for Colour Options located in Kapiti Coast, it is important to know that the exterior colour you select will be 30 per cent lighter when viewed with the natural light of the sun. The best way to test is to look at the colour sample under natural light and in shade.

If you are not sure on what colour to pick for your home, talk to a professional House Painter in Melbourne.



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