Phuket Officials Mandated To Implement Marine Safety

According to the order that was given by the Phuket Governor coming from the Prime Minister Gen Chatchai Sarikulya, the island should be the best example when it comes to getting the confidence of the tourists who wanted to travel in the country. Furthermore, it is mandated in the order that the top priority should be the preservation of life as well as property. While there are many accommodations and businesses such as 5 star resort in Phuket, life is more important than material things or property. As for the media, the Prime Minister’s order said that the officials should always be honest when it comes to issues pertaining to tourism.

The order was relayed by Phakaphong Tavipatana, the governor of Phuket, during a meeting. With regards to tourism, the Prime Minister mandated that Phuket should be the prime example of embodying the concept and making it a reality in as little time possible. The concept is to regain the reliable image of the island by being true to the public and gaining back their trusts. The image of a place impacts the number of tourists that are visiting therefore it is important to be honest and to provide all the correct information when asked for.

Gov Phakaphong added that the media has more power and influence when it comes to leading the tourists and relaying the facts. There are three important points outlined in the order coming from the Deputy Prime Minister Chatchai addressed to Phuket officials. The first is to develop Phuket tourism and make sure to promote it and the second is to ensure that the marine tourism safety follows the international standards and last is to attract foreign tourists into coming into the country by offering better facilities as well as incentives.

In the Andaman regions, it is their goal to set Phuket as the standard when it comes to tourist marine safety. This will encourage international travellers to stay in a 5 star resort in Phuket knowing their welfare and safety is the top priority of the country. The governor also believes they should improve quality of services and the price as well as product control.


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