Phuket Included In Latest List Of Best Places To Visit

US News released on June 25 their yearly rankings which features the Best Places To Visit in the World. There are also lists dedicated to niche and places which are specific to certain regions. Some of the lists that was included are the following: Best Places to Visit in Australia and The Pacific, Best Places to Visit in the USA, Best Places to Visit in Asia, Best Historical Cities to Visit in the USA and Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA. In one of these lists, Thailand took pride which resulted to a boost for businesses such as Novotel in Phuket because more travellers will be curious to visit.

According to US News, their rankings are based on feed backs from different sources including the experts, travellers and the editors. These are the factors they take into account before making the list for the indicated destinations.

The top spot for the Best Place to Visit in the World was bagged by Paris because of its internationally known attractions, delicious cuisine and a charming vibe like no other. The second spot was taken by South Island located in New Zealand while third spot goes to Rome. The fourth and fifth places were awarded to Tahiti and London respectively.

US News picked out the top ten places out of the 30 that ranked the highest. Gold badges were then awarded to each of the destinations. One of the most notable on the list is the inclusion of Phuket in the eighth place. This is the highest ranking of all destinations in the Asia region. It ranked higher than Barcelona which is in 11th place and New York which bagged only the 12th place. Of the 30 top destinations that were shortlisted, only two are from Asia – Phuket and Maldives in the 16th place.

Moreover, businesses in Thailand are rejoicing including Novotel in Phuket because four of the places in the top 15 Best Places to Visit in Asia are from the kingdom. The top destinations in Asia that are found in Thailand are Railay Beach, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket.


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