Overcrowding – The Perennial Problem With Suburban Trains

Overcrowding is very common in suburban trains. This is the reason why the state and railways are looking at staggering office timings to reduce the crowd. More than 75 lakh commuters are being served by the suburban railway network daily when they travel to work. Most of the commuters head towards central and south Mumbai so that if working hours are tweaked, it can be a possible solution. Staggered office timing is also one of the solutions that were brought forward by transportation experts during the discussion of Hindustan Times Unclog Mumbai.

The law of supply and demand works for most businesses that is why the state is keen on staggering office timing. If supply has reached its saturation point, it is time to work on demand. The chief minister hopes that the idea of staggering office timing will work to solve overcrowding at train stations. Union railway minister Suresh Prabhu has suggested the idea to the state government during a meeting with CM Devendra Fadnavis last January 2015. Now, Prabhu is asking senior railways officers to discuss with the state officials possible ways that will even out the peak hour rush. Staggering office time is a feasible solution but it is also important to consider the logical end with its implementation.

The government still has to make a decision because they need to study how it is implemented in other cities than have a population of more than 10 million. They have to consider the possible impact of staggered working hours and as well as who will be in charge of monitoring. It is also important to study departments that do not have direct contact with the public if they should be allowed staggered hours. On the other hand, even developed countries are promoting flexi hours to minimize the burden on public transport and road infrastructure.

The problems with increased demand for transport are also being felt in Thailand. Crowds gather at train stations to get their ticket that is why it is suggested to Book a train in Thailand through online websites. This is particularly true during Thailand holidays, the peak season for train travel.


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