Outdoor Wedding Restrictions In England And Wales Coming To An End

Outdoor weddings are gaining popularity particularly with marquee hire in Sydney that can provide different sizes and styles of tents. Many wedding couples want to veer away from traditional weddings where the ceremony is held in church and the reception in a luxury hotel. However, there are places like England and Wales where couples have to attend a legal ceremony at a register’s office before a wedding celebration.

However, the restriction on where couples can get married may come to an end. This means that couples can hold their weddings in gardens or beaches. Based on the existing rules in England and Wales, an outdoor wedding can be considered illegal if it is not held on a structure that has a solid permanent roof and designated license.

Louise Yung and Sam Gilbert do not want a typical wedding where they need to go to the register’s office. However, older family members were upset because they considered the register part as important. The couple thought that it was simply an inconvenient ceremony.

Having a personal outdoor ceremony is more meaningful for the couple. They do not want to end up marrying in church just so their wedding could become legal. The ceremony is often a way to please the family. Wedding venues have a firm hold over the wedding industry and costs can be quite overwhelming.

According to wedding planner, Linzi Barford, the legal aspect of the wedding ceremony is archaic and many couples want to celebrate their weddings in a venue of their choice like the home, a field or even a festival. However, it can cause some family tensions when they realize that they are attending a ceremony that is not legal. As a compromise, weddings can take place in a garden gazebo or the front doorstep of a house to comply with the roof requirement.

A beautiful presentation can be achieved through marquee hire in Sydney that offers quality tents for different events. The marquees can be accessorized with lining, flooring, staging, wreaths, garlands and fairy lights. Additional décor can placed to achieve a creative edge. The marquees are easy to assemble so that there will be less pre-event disruptions.


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