Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Provides New Low-Code Service For Easier App Development

Good news for those in the mobile dev industry, as Oracle recently made its APEX low-code mobile app development service and platform available for developers as a managed cloud service that people can use to build to develop applications with ease.

Oracle APEX Application Development has 20 years’ worth of development backing it, and is already used by at least half-a-million developers due to being a mobile app development service that’s fairly easy to use while also being available for use on browsers.

The APEX Application Development Program will be available starting at a monthly fee of $360, with support for at least 500 users and unlimited uses, and can be adapted for additional capacity if needed.

Developers who are looking for easy, declarative development instead of the traditional coding can use the APEX program to make low-code applications, which is also available as part of the Oracle Cloud Free Tier. Any apps made via the service are covered by the Oracle Autonomous Database, which lets them worry about the business side of things.

Oracle Database Server Technologies Executive Vice President Andrew Mendelsohn issued a statement on the matter, saying that the release of the service is part of Oracle’s efforts in providing support to developers. The new APEX, as they say, is aimed at letting developers, both professionals and citizens, create data-driven apps with minimal effort. APEX, Mendelsohn says, is good enough to handle the creation of the majority of business apps.

Mendelsohn expresses his belief that data-driven applications built with traditional coding will be the exception instead of the rule.

The APEX service also comes pre-packaged with two additional services: Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and SQL Developer Web. OORDS is for the creation of APIs against their app data, while SQL Developer Web is for creating SQL queries and creating graphical models for their data.

Any business that feels like that the service provided by APEX isn’t enough can easily upgrade to the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database, which comes with Oracle APEX that provides support for complete Oracle Database client APIs, SQL*NET, as well as Autonomous Data Guard.



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