Online Shopping Trends That Will Rock 2019

Every year, new technology trends are shaking every industry and online shopping is one of them. With each trend impacting the online shopping industry, courier companies are also on their toes because any outcome will also impact them. An increase in the number of online shoppers means more parcels for them to deliver. What are the trends expected to shake the online shopping sector next year?

According to Kantar Consulting’s vice president of e-commerce and digital insights, Alice Fournier, 2019 will be the year when physical stores are more integrated with online stores. There are a lot of digital brands that are already crossing the border of online shopping and setting up physical shops in major cities. There will be an increase in connections between the offline and the online shopping.

E-commerce is currently on top of the food chain therefore big name retailers such as Target, Nordstrom, Sephora and Ikea are transitioning into micro-concept stores in order to adapt. In a recent partnership between Macy and Facebook, Fournier said that the effort was done to bring to physical stores the small brands that were originally created online.

Next year will show how big box retail is no longer in the picture. It started this year with the closures of Toys R Us and it is only a matter of months before all stores under Sears will also close down. The money consumers would have spent on these stores will now be diverted elsewhere, mostly online. These two stores are not the only once facing financial instability because Best Buy is also starting to shut down a number of its stores along with Sam’s Club, Gymboree, GAP and Banana Republic and Bon-Ton Stores Inc.

Another trend to expect in 2019 is that many of the consumers will start buying through links they find in their social feeds. According to data from 2017, there are 209 million users of social media platforms in the United States but many of them are not clicking the buy button. Experts in the industry are expecting this will change next year which will also impact courier companies as the number of online deliveries continue to rise.


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