North Londoners Alerted For Boiler Repair Scams Making Rounds In The Area

North Londoners have reported multiple accounts of boiler repair scammer posing as professionals only to unsatisfactory job and take their money.

When a boiler encounters problems, professional help may sometimes be needed. Popular names such as Robinson or British Gas may easily come up in the search results, but some scammers have used this to take advantage of panicked homeowners during such emergencies.

How it happens

Many homeowners often panic when the boiler breaks down. Of course, quick and reliable repair is a must, but the longer it takes for the damage to remain, the worse the situation could get. Scammers use this as an opportunity to charge homeowners higher than they should, often in return for substandard service, or waving responsibilities from the damages caused by their repairs.

One homeowner shared his experience as his boiler suddenly stopped working in the middle of the night. He did a quick search for boiler repairs near his area and called one. He said that the technician asked him to sign a form as record that they were hired to do the job. He did sign the document, but not even a day has passed since the repair and the boiler stopped working again despite how much it cost him. He called the company, but they refused to send a technician, claiming that they are not responsible for the damages that happened because of the repair, and told him that he agreed to this as he signed the contract.

Because of these happening in North London, several reminders were put out for the residents:

Check customer reviews

Well-established boiler repair and installment service providers like British Gas or Robinson often post reviews from their customers, rating their services and giving comments about the job they performed. It is then recommended to check online reviews before hiring a company for the boiler repair.

Read the contract properly

Scammers take advantage of homeowners who are in a state of panic to just sign the contract without reading it. However, this is where the problem comes in. There could be something in the contract that would be bad for the homeowner, such as waving responsibilities for the damages due to the repairs.

To make sure that the agreement is transparent, read the contract carefully and do not sign if you think there is something wrong with it.


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