Newlywed Couple Sues The Caterers For Unsatisfactory Service

Aside from the great food served, there are a number of advantages that can be gained by hiring wedding caterer in Sydney that offers a complete wedding package. The catering service can accommodate different dietary requirements including vegan, kid’s meals and special menus for those with food allergies.

However, there are also certain instances when couples are dissatisfied with catering. Newlyweds Kevin and Sara Williams who got hitched last spring in St Paul’s were deeply dissatisfied with the Mintahoe Catering. According to KSTP reports, the couple sued the caterer for $150,000 plus.

The couple wanted to surprise the wedding guests by serving delicious vegan food. According to the complaint, the couple wanted to reveal the surprise after the meal was over. However, the servers spoiled the surprise when they told some wedding guests that certain items were not available because the bride mandated a vegan menu.

Actually, the couple did not mind if the surprise was inadvertently revealed as long as the wedding guests enjoyed the meal. According to the catering contract, the caterer was supposed to serve delicious food but instead, it was a disaster. What were served were not the expected Thai vegan meals.

The tofu was not crispy and the noodles were badly overcooked. The flatbread pizza was inedible while the curry dish had too many carrots but too few bamboo shoots. It was unidentifiable as curry. One of guests got ill after eating seitan, a wheat-based substitute because she was led to believe that it was gluten-free.

Some of guests were not served cake and the bride’s father was asked to retrieve his water. The groom reportedly went to the kitchen to confront the catering staff who admitted that the experience was not going as planned. The catering service has not responded to requests for comment.

Wedding couples can expect professional service from wedding caterer in Sydney because they have been doing the job for a decade. Every catering service at events and functions are easy, stress-free and straightforward. Impeccable service is guaranteed while ensuring that dietary requirements are well handled. The satisfaction of guests is their priority that is why catering ensures that food is appropriate for every guest.


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