New Technologies For Plumbers: New Tools For Budget Blocked Drains

The future is here whether you admit it or not. The days of those big, bulky computer sets are gone and so are the TV sets with those fat rears. We are now living the revolutionized digital age wherein everything can now be done in just a snap of the fingers. The newer technologies for the various industries in the world continue to pop here and there and these technological advancements have been making things better for the industries they have been made to work for. A hundred years ago, science fiction writers had made predictions that we would be having flying cars, robotic butlers and even calls through video. While the latter two have been around in most countries, flying cars are yet to be seen, at least in the market. And yes, even plumbers who deal with budget blocked drains- think that new technology will help them solve problem of severely clogged drains.

Recently, a new survey was conducted and asked plumbers how can technology affect the way they do things to deal with budget blocked drains. According to half of the respondents, technology carries safety risks while 25% of the respondents said that they are worried about the financial strain that future technology may cause them. Although most plumbers don’t want to rely heavily on the new technology, they do believe in one thing: technology has its positive aspects towards them. While digital integration, in terms of having a smart interface in their respective dashboards, plumbers of today have wanted the potential inventions to push through and below are just some of them:

  • Automatic parking- Imagine this: if your van can park on its own no matter how small the slot may be and no matter how bulky the loads that the van is carrying, it would be helpful to plumbers. It can also save them time and energy and deal more with problematic drains and pipes. 20% of the respondents support this prospect.
  • Biometric vehicle access- 20% of the plumbers who were asked for the survey have said that they want a key-less access to their vans, only needing their fingerprints to open and lock the van. This is good especially for emergency situations.


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