New Car Technology Means Increased Repair Bills, According To The AAA

The American Automobile Association is an automobile motor club federation in North America. Despite their location, they handle studies on the automotive industry and its latest developments, with data useful not only auto window replacement Lancaster and across the world.

According to the association, new tech in modern vehicle models make driving easier and safer than ever before, but all of the fancy new technology are also leading to increased repair bills when things get damaged or when something goes wrong.

The organization research from AAA says that vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) can cost as much following an issue compared to vehicles that lack them, thanks to expensive sensors and calibration requirements.

ADAS covers features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and other similar devices, and the systems are strewn across the vehicle, like windshields, bumpers, as well as door mirrors. Even minor incidents that damages such tech can tack in an additional $3,000 (£2,305) in extra costs. This is particularly bad, as the AAA estimates that one-in-three Americans are unable to afford an unexpected repair bill of just $500 . As such, the AAA recommends that people get insurance policies and consider the costs of ADAS tech in their vehicles.

Mike Hoshaw AAA East Central VP of Automotive Services says that ADAS systems have great potential to make driving much safer, and they’re becoming more and more commonplace, but it’s important that vehicle owners recognize the costs that come with repairing these systems so they won’t be blindsided by hefty repair bills as they’re far more expensive than the usual auto window replacement Lancaster thanks to the additional tech.

According to AAA, many variables, like vehicle make and model, location of the sensor, and others. Before having a vehicle repaired, AAA recommends that vehicle owners check whether or not the facility they’re heading to can handle calibrating the damage systems, as well as proper certification of the completed work.

As technology continues to evolve, AAA says that drivers and vehicle owners need to be better educated of the capabilities of their vehicle’s capabilities, which means including how the vehicle’s systems work as well as how much the repair build might cost.


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