Mobile Classrooms As Short Term Solution for Overcrowded Schools

As the population grows, some schools are faced with the problem of overcrowded rooms and hallways. Some have resorted to shifting class schedules where students have morning and afternoon shifts to give everyone a chance to use a classroom, while two schools in Bluff ton has decided to do something else: mobile classrooms with flexible tables and chairs for school students.

High influx of Enrolees

River Ridge Academy and Pritchardville Elementary School are two schools in the Beaufort Country area that experienced a huge growth in their enrolment during the past few years. Both schools are not in full capacity. Pritchardville Principal Brenda Blue said that throughout summer, they have experienced twenty-five to thirty enrolees a day, and they are not exceeding capacity.

The School District opened a bond referendum amounting to $76 million in order to build a new school, but the voters rejected it. Without a new school, students have to enrol in available schools which are already crowded in the first place. So without a new school for them, these two schools decided to solve the problem in a way that they could: mobile classrooms.

A Short-Term Solution at Pritchardville

Providing a proper environment for learners is a must for all schools. Despite the problems that they have in terms of lack of space and learning areas, students still need an environment that is conducive in learning. Their solution was it use old school trailers.

Each trailer served as a separate room, with flexible tables and chairs for school students, flexible enough for them to study comfortably. They have different options for their furniture to help them focus in class. The classrooms are connected to each other via a hallway, complete with drinking fountains, climate controlled rooms, bathrooms, and two points of access, both requiring a badge for it to unlock and open. This provides students a good learning environment without forgoing their comfort and security.

Future Plans

While the mobile classrooms seem to be working for now, they expect that they can help accommodating the students for up to five years. However, the school board believes that they have to meet with the voters sometime in the future to discuss a more viable solution to the problem.


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