Melbourne Map Drawn By Hand Is Finally Getting A Transformation

Melinda Clarke was the creator of the Melbourne Map that was drawn by hand. Twenty seven years have passed since that iconic map has been published and she recently announced that she is creating a new version.

Ms. Clarke admitted that she has no previous experience or training when it comes to creating map illustration but she was attracted to the beauty of the hand-drawn maps after seeing it during one of her backpacking trips back in the 80s. The hand-drawn maps she saw are of cities that are located abroad.

When she came back to Australia, she found out that Melbourne does not have an illustrated map with enough details thus she decided to make one.

At first, she has no idea how to begin her project or how to do the drawing. She met with a number of artists and this is when she came across a lady called Deborah Young who created an invitation for the birthday party of Ms. Clarke’s friend.

They started working together as a team. They took photos of different areas of Melbourne and majority of these photos are taken while they are riding a hot air balloon.

Ms. Clarke shared how they talked to a fellow that was flying the only hot air balloon in Melbourne during those times. He would call her every morning between four and five if there are any spare spot and this is when they would ride the balloon.

They were able to take a total of 7,500 both from the ground and air. Ms. Clarke put the images together in order to create a complete aerial view of the city of Melbourne.

Within two years after taking the photos, Ms. Young and Ms. Clarke devoted their time to draw the map in the garage which her mother owns.

They have no idea that the hand-drawn map they are making will be featured in homes around Victoria, schools, libraries and galleries.

Ms.Clarke decided it is time to create a new map illustration of Melbourne as the city have changed over 27 years and she recruited a team to help her do it.


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