Master Plan Of The City OF Da Nang To Be Consulted By Sakae Unit

Tourism growth is evident with the rising number of luxury hotels Danang and the increasing number of tourist arrivals every year. This is why the city has to step up and signed a consultancy contract with a subsidiary of Sakae Holdings. The partnership is with Da Nang Infrastructure Investment and Urban Development Project Management Board of Vietnam.

Da Nang City Master Plan is currently in need of the expert services that can be provided by Sakae Corporate Advisory. The plan needs some adjustment and Vietnam wanted to make sure that the design will be beneficial for the economy of the nation strategically. Da Nang City Conceptual Master Plan 2030 has already hired the professionals under Surbana Jurong Consultants to cover the scope as well as deliverables in terms of works that needs to be done in the city – both infrastructure and urban.

These three groups – Sakae Corporate Advisory, Surbana Jurong Consultants and the board of Committee in Da Nang – are going to work together in order to take a look at the planning issues of the city and to come up with proposals like determining which areas need to be improved. They are also going to create a concept plan for the city and promotion plan to attract more investors to come to Da Nang. All of these planning and inspection will be followed up by implementation at the end of the project.

Sakae Corporate Advisory will be tapping into its internal resources in order to make sure it does its part in the coming project well. The project is expected to not have any sort of material impact on all of the consolidated net tangible assets of the cityas well as the earnings per share of the organization.The corporation is positive that no negative impact will influence the end result for the current financial year which is coming to an end on the 30th of June, 2019. For the meantime, the city is hard at work to promote luxury hotels in Danang to make sure that the stream of tourists continues to flow into their beaches.


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