Maldives Marketing Plan For Tourism Sector On Hold

Finally the troublesome period when the former president Abdulla Yameen ruled Maldives has come to an end. The country is now under transitional period as the new president Mohamed Solih from the Maldivian Democratic Party is preparing to take office. There is rejoicing from every part of the country and owners of the best villas in Maldives are also positive about the coming changes.

When Solihis sworn into office, he will be the fourth president of the country since it became a democratic country a decade ago. Before that, the country has been ruled by monarchy and an authoritarian government. On the other hand, the former president Mohamed Nasheed who was exiled from the country was able to return and in surprising twist received a hero’s welcome from the people of the nation.

According to UK’s Maldivian ambassador, Ahmed Shiaan, the country is still new to the concept of democracy and it is yet to have a president who has served the country for the second term therefore it is only right to assume that everyone has been accustomed to changes. With that in mind, he added that it is not true that the country is already on a doomsday status which is far from what other people are saying.

He also said that the entire country is looking forward to have a smooth transition. It is fitting that the incoming president and his administration is already prepared with the projects they have in mind and with the promise that they are going to prioritize the development of Maldives.

Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation’s acting managing director, Haris Mohamed, said that the tourism industry’s marketing strategy is to be placed on hold while the country is in transition but as soon as the new administration is able to settle they will make tourism their number one priority.

According to date, around 1.4 million tourists will visit until the end of 2018. A total of 1.1 million have already checked out the best villas in Maldives until September of this year. Around 300,000 more are expected from the month of October until December.


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