Luxury Hotel In Japan Welcomes New Director

All hotels including Novotel in Yangon Max and other luxury hotels need a competent sales and marketing strategy. In fact, ineffective marketing would result to a decline in the number of customers which would in turn hurt monthly quotas and sales.

In order to uphold even better marketing plans, Hotel Okura in Manila has welcomed its new Sales and Marketing Director two days ago in the person of Ms. Addie Capinding. Based within the renowned Resorts World Manila, Hotel Okura will soon open on the last quarter of this year.

New Director’s Credentials

With her expertise and experiences gathered for twenty years in terms of sales and client management, Ms. Capinding is confident that she will be able to fuse Japanese service and the classic Filipino hospitality.

After graduating with a degree in Behavioral Science at the Miriam College, Ms. Capinding has also worked at the Discovery Primea as the Director of Sales and thus providing her a profound knowledge when it comes to sales and accounts management.

The new sales director stated that she was delighted and excite to join the team of Hotel Okura Manila. She added that she has heard a lot of great things about the said hotel and thus she is looking forward to collaborate with their team. She mentioned that “hard work, experience, and efforts” would guarantee the luxury hotel experience that customers could expect from Hotel Okura.

Meanwhile, General Manager for Hotel Okura Manila said that their company wholeheartedly welcomes Ms. Capinding to their Manila team as he is certain that her in-depth experience in sales and client management and her unmatched leadership skills particularly in the hotel industry would be very essential in their future operations.

Hotel Okura’s Fine Dining

Aside from the high standard rooms and other amenities that the Japanese-based restaurant could boast, it also features Yamazato– their fine dining restaurant. The restaurant is expected to serve delectable cuisines which would cater Filipino and Japanese tastes.

With their new director, Hotel Okuza could surely provide outstanding customer service as much as the Novotel in Yangon Max could.


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