Logistics Providers Are Building Freezer Farms For The COVID-19 Vaccine

The challenge being faced by Titan Transline and other logistics and trucking providers is equipment and transportation capacity for the fast delivery of millions of doses of the potential COVID-19 vaccine across the world. Shipping companies are also preparing while waiting for further information from vaccine makers and how many vials will be available that they will be required to handle.

To prepare for the potential vaccine, logistics providers are building gigantic cold storage facilities or freezer farms consisting of hundreds of portable freezer units. Meanwhile, drug makers are hurrying up to build supply chains, to find manufacturing sites and order high specialized production equipment.

Logistics providers have to deliver the vaccine securely from far-flung manufacturing locations to medical teams through warehouses, cargo terminals, airports and final storage points in a matter of days. They know the risks at every stage from breakdowns in refrigeration equipment to transportation delays, packaging issues and other problems that may render the vaccine useless.

Logistics providers are in the planning stage as they wait for information on how many vials they need to handle, the dimensions of the vaccine, how they will be packaged and the time of distribution. Drug makers that are developing the vaccine are in the final stage of clinical trials and they expect the product to require strict temperature controls.

According to Moderna, their vaccine will require -20 degrees Celsius storage while Pfizer said that their vaccine needs storage with -70 degrees Celsius temperature, plus or minus 10 degrees. This means that logistics providers have to expand their refrigeration and freezing capabilities in the healthcare industry.

UPS is starting to line up rows of freezer units in Louisville, Kentucky and Venlo, Netherlands that are near the its global air hubs. UPS said that their freezer units can store up to 48,000 vials of vaccine at -80 degrees or as required.

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