Live Aboard – A Different Kind Of Experience That You Should Never Miss

Can you make a good living from your passion? It seems so because Sunil Bakshi’s passion for scuba diving and water polo led him to Infiniti Live Aboard, a cruise that takes you to the Indian Ocean and the Andaman. Before he founded Infiniti Live Aboard, Bakshi was an industrial engineer with talent at scuba diving and water polo. He experienced diving in the oceans of Mauritius, Maldives and Australia.

Sunil’s job is more like a vacation because he lives on his yacht for 7 months. However, it is not all play because he has his share of responsibilities. Sunil has to search for good dive sites, build a team of professional divers and connect with foreign travelers who want to experience the adventure of live aboard.

Sunil’s got his entrepreneurial abilities when he set an engineering consultancy in Dubai. He gained confidence to do some entrepreneurial ventures; hence, he started with his first live aboard cruise in India. This was the first of its kind in India, a nation that has a beautiful coastline and islands. Aboard the boat, Sunil set sail for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that has some of the most remote diving sites off islands that were generally uninhabited.

Sunil’s Infiniti was custom designed and built in Thailand. Sheets of metal were purchased to construct a 40 meter long boat with four decks. His engineering skills and knowledge were put to good use to ensure that all systems were installed with high standards of quality. Why was the sailboat named Infiniti? Sunil got his inspiration from the ocean which was definitely infinite.

The secret to the success of the live aboard cruise is teamwork. Sunil and his team works together for a successful operation. When there is a difficult situation, they keep their cool. Guests enjoy the adventure because they are treated with respect.

Similan islands liveaboard takes passionate divers to the best Thai dives. The diving experience ranges from 2-day and 2-night or 5-day and 6-night trips. If you have not tried a live aboard experience, this is an excellent opportunity you should not miss during your Thailand vacation.


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