Large Walnut Tree To Be Removed Because Of Existing Disease

Around the area of Johnson Hall inside the University of Oregon, used to be found a large black walnut tree which was cut down last September 7 because of the thousand canker disease that has been ailing the tree. The announcement of the cutting down was made prior to the date by the landscape supervisor in Campus Planning and Facilities Management of the university, Phil Carroll.

The removal was done by the local arborist company called Sperry Tree Care and it took a day to finish the job. The grinding down of the remaining tree stump, on the other hand, warranted another half day just to be accomplished.

Carroll said in a statement that they are disappointed that they have to cut down one of the trees in the campus because it is not just large but also beautiful. Despite the disappointment, it is their main priority to ensure the safety of everyone around the campus. He also shared that they are always busy planting as well as managing the de facto arboretum while keeping in mind that health and beauty should be the center.

According to Carroll, the disease of the tree was said to be common in black walnuts and it is transmitted by a species of tiny beetles. It affects the tree by gradually weakening the limbs and killing it in the process which will spread to the entire structure of the plant. With this, there is a high risk for pedestrians and it might also inflict damages on buildings as well as vehicles because of the weak branches and trunks that might fall.

The wood from the black walnut was already saved and it will be used in future projects in the university. There are many things that can be made out of the salvaged wood such as wood art to be used in Ford Alumni Center and decorative elements for the Allen Hall. There are already reclaimed woods sent for milling so it can be utilized for the remodel of the Chapman Hall. If you have similar case in Perth such as the large black walnut tree, it is important to hire a professional arborist to do the tree stump removal in Perth.


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