Jacksonville House holds Challenged By Mosquito Population

Do you believe that the tiny mosquito is responsible for many human deaths? According to worldatlas.com, an estimated 725,000 deaths are caused by mosquitoes. A person can die after bitten by a mosquito because of the deadly diseases that they transmit. There are several solutions to eliminate the risks from insect repellents to mosquito repellant patches that can be applied on clothing.

Mosquitoes are annoying. They transmit deadly diseases like dengue, yellow fever and encephalitis. After Hurricane Irma hit Florida, local schools that offer horticulture classes decided to postpone cleanup work because of the large number of mosquitoes that are present during the day. It is common for mosquitoes to appear following a flood.

Marah Clark, a mosquito control entomologist from the city of Jacksonville said that requests for treatments have slowed down; however, based on the traps that they are monitoring, the mosquito population is still thriving. The high number of mosquitoes in Jacksonville includes 47 species of mosquitoes. The most numerous are 2 species that include Aedes or woodland mosquitoes and 2 species of Culex (C. nigripalpus and C.quinquefasciatus).

The medium-sized non-descript woodland mosquito breeds in temporary pools of rain water in both wooded and open areas. While woodland mosquitoes are not dangerous, they can be pretty annoying and bothersome. The two species of Culex mosquitoes are more of a concern because of the potential to cause many diseases.

The breeding grounds of Culexquinquefasciatus mosquitoes include cow ponds, ditches and catch basins where septic and dirty water can be found. The Culex specie C.nigripalpus thrives in ditches, ponds, salt marshes and catch basins. Since aerial sprays are not being conducted in Jacksonville right now, homeowners have to focus their attention in avoiding mosquito bites through different solutions. Entire neighbourhoods have to be involved and make sure that there is no standing water in their properties.

Aside from chemical-free and all-natural insect repellents, households have the option of mosquito repellant patches that work effectively for 12 hours. The patches have to be placed on clothing not directly on the skin. They are suitable for all ages including the newborn. From the time the patches are applied to clothing, they immediately work to repel mosquitoes.


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