Island In Thailand Has One Of The Best Craft Beers In The World

It is common to see beach lovers heading to the beach villas in Koh Tao Thailand but what people don’t know is that the island holds some secret when it comes to beer. Little they did know is that is houses on of the best bars called The Beer Masons where they offer brews which are not only local to Southeast Asia but they also have Mikkeller from Denmar and To O1.

If you order beer from the rest of Thailand, the most common brands you will get are Leo, Chang or Singha. It is not a secret that there are many breweries not legally allowed by the government as well as startup hop farms but it is still common to see watery lagers all over the country. It is most common in smaller islands around the capital city.

If you explore the tine island of Koh Tao, you might happen upon a small sign that says Craft Beer which leads to a dark alleyway.

Koh Tao is not considered an undiscovered island of Thailand because of the number of tourist arrivals. It is smaller compared to KohSamui which is next door and the lifestyle is less posh as well. It is also does not host a full moon party which is KohPhangan, another island in Thailand, is known for. All the more reason why seeing such sign in the island is surprising.

The alley feels like a trap for tourists because of the lack of lighting and the way is 50 meters long. After the 50 meters stretch, one will find a group of shops called New Walking Street or known to the locals as Nay Pon Road. This is where you will find The Beer Masons, a bar that offers the best beers in the entire globe.

There are Zeffer from New Zealand, Surly from Minnesota, and Mikkeller and To O1 from Copenhagen. There is also a fridge that contains 130 different beers which comes in bottles and cans.

The bar was established in 2014 and it has a goal of offering the best beers in the island. Aside from the fact that there are many beach villas in Koh Tao Thailand, the Beer Masons is another reason to visit this tiny island.




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