Is Remote ECEC A Better Substitute To Early Childhood Education In The Classroom?

According to Star Bright Montessori, early childhood education allows children from ages 2 to 6 to absorb information from the environment like a sponge. It is important for parents to take advantage of the opportunity to shape their children’s minds and attitudes about learning. However, can an entirely online pre-school kindergarten readiness program that can be access remotely replace classroom education?

According to New York Times online, online readiness kindergarten for 4-year old children is being promoted in a small town in California by its mayor. The mayor wanted to be on the frontline by bringing successful early childhood learning to preschool children in the agricultural town that has majority Latino population.

North Carolina is one of the states that are considering the online preschool program even if high quality face-to-face interaction is the best option. However, quality pre-kindergarten costs thousands of dollars for each child compared to online programs that are more affordable for the financially-challenged.

Online preschool programs are cheaper because remote early childhood education and care (ECEC) does not require trained early childhood educators who demand fair wages and good working conditions. There is no need for educators to supervise children who will be playing and socializing with other children outside the classroom.

Parents do not need to schedule remote online ECEC so that they can go to work. Remote ECEC does not require costly facilities that allow children to be involved in activities with their peers and adults. Parents are not worried particularly if their child has some form of disability because remote ECEC is just like watching video.

Meanwhile, New York Times has raised some substantive questions about the quality of education and what exactly is being taught in online preschool education. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends very limited or no screen time for children under five years old. Children need social interaction, physical activity and care.

The main priority of Star Bright Montessori is to provide children with a safe, nourishing and enriching environment to build their cognitive, social and emotional skills to become successful adults. Preschool teachers are trained to assist and direct without interfering with the child’s natural desire to be independent.


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