Is Letter Writing Still Alive?

Recent research proves that only one among six teens write letters outside the classroom. A study from National Literacy Trust showed that the teenagers approaching adulthood writes letters the least. Sixteen percent of teens from 14-16 writes, twenty-five percent aged 11-14 and thirty percent from children aged 8-11. Director of National Literacy Trust Jonathan Douglas remarked that the decrease in writing of letters as children become adults may be because of the demands they encounter on grades 10-12. He said that the demands of key stage 4 are great. Teens have thrilling lives, quickly shifting environment and wild emotions. All these might make it hard for them to hold a pen and start a written message. He noted though that it is reassuring that early teens are still finding minutes for letter writing.

The study also revealed that females are more inclined to letter writing than boys. Nearly twice of the respondents who make letters minimum of one letter in 30 days write better than the projected mastery for their level matched to those who never writes letters.

Tutoring in Downey can help a child have improved writing skills. The research outcome also emphasized how letter writing helps students be optimistic with writing. It revealed that almost two times more of the letter writing teens believes that writing is stylish compared to 28.1 % among teens who are not letter writers. Most of the students who make letters likewise agree that if they write superiorly, they will land a better career when they become adults. Meanwhile, most of those who do not make letters do not think so.

Finding time to settle down and make a letter by handwriting has a more personal touch to the writer and receiver rather than an email. It is remarkable that the writing performance of those who write even just one letter in a month write above their expected performance. Letter writers at a young age will have better literacy, allowing them to have better class performance and life abilities in general. The emotions, skills and patience needed in writing a letter are all important for a student to develop to be able to stand out in class and in future career.


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