Irish Pub Holds Christmas In July Party

Christmas in July has been familiar for most Australians, but an Irish pub joined the tradition by having its festive celebration.

In Australia, Christmas is celebrated two times. The first is during the holiday in December. There is also a 2nd unofficial one in July which is the coldest of their winter months. For the countries in the southern part of the globe, Christmas in July is the closest thing to a traditional Christmas. Countries like New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and including Australia have seasons in reverse from those countries in the northern hemisphere. December and Christmas fall into the middle of their hot summer months.

O’Loughlin’s Bar located at Dublin Street in Carlow have been holding its Christmas in July celebrations for several years. In 2013, the yearly tradition halted. But the pub was later taken over by John and Leslie Proudfoot.

They heard great things about parties held at their pub before and decided to reinstate the tradition. They were inspired by all the stories about summer Christmas parties and wanted to try it themselves for this year. Their staff got together and made the decision to bring out the decorations and get into the Christmas spirit. Most of their customers are loyal customers, and they were so happy the party tradition came back. One of their customers wore a full Santa Claus suit while another customer wore a Rudolph onesie. Other guests wore Christmas sweaters. There was punch, and there was Christmas music played too.

The siblings are looking forward for next year’s Christmas in July celebration.

While Australians celebrate Christmas in July because of the cold weather, Americans think it is a commercial holiday. After the Independence Day in July 4, no major holidays are in the calendar until Labor Day which is on September. The late July is a great opportunity for most businesses to market sales.

Even though most of the US population view this holiday as a marketing tool, there isn’t a reason not to enjoy it anyway. It might be too hot to get in an ugly Christmas sweater but it’s a great excuse to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the shopping.


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