Introducing The Web Design Trends That Every Small Business Should Know

Every year, trends take over the world of Perthweb design. Trends could be described as constantly changing although it can also be said that there are also trends that remain relevant for many years. This 2015, it is once again a new journey and struggle for small businesses to get ahead in the game.
According to the founder of digiTech Web Design, Darryl Stevens, it is always important for smaller enterprises to keep up with the constantly changing trends of the world of web design otherwise they’ll fall behind so far that they wouldn’t be able to survive in the Internet game.
This year, it is exceptionally important for small businesses to follow these trends:

1. Video Backgrounds
For many years, picture slideshows have dominated websites but this 2015, it may be time to bid farewell to this trend and say hello to the magic of video backgrounds. In fact, lots of major entities like PayPal and Squarespace have already made the switch. There is great potential for video backgrounds this year although you would also have to take into consideration the loading speed of your website because people mostly tend to leave quickly if a website’s loading speed doesn’t meet up their qualifications.

2. Grid Layouts
Grid layouts are now dominating the web design stage due to the increasing popularity and success of the social media site, Pinterest. The grid layout provides viewers with better user experience. It is much easier to view the contents of a website through the grid layout making it a suitable choice for many websites out there.

3. Bigger Images and Fonts
So you think banner ads are sufficient enough to pique the interests of your viewers? Think again! This year, it is pretty important to keep your visitors engaged and nothing is more visually compelling than large images coupled with stylistic fonts that would surely capture the attention of viewers and informing them at the same time.

New fonts are always being developed every day and it is important to make use of these masterpieces to your own website’s benefit.


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